Volvo Ocean Race Alicante 2011/2012

The city of Alicante have commenced with huge advertising campaigns in recent months to call attention to any upcoming major events in the Area. In three weeks the so called Race Village in the Alicante port will be re-opened to provide access to all the participants of the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race 2011/2012 and all kinds of other events for the visitors of the village. Three years ago it was the first time that the Volvo Ocean Race departed from Alicante. That event attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors that year.

The city hopes to repeat this success this year. Again a number of catamarans will leave from the port of Alicante to start to sail around the world in stages. The start of the race will be on the 29th of October, when a so-called "in-port race is held. The first stage starts on the 5th of November. The festivities and activities in the Race start from the 14th of October.


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